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By Jarrod Heil

15 Steps on How to Prepare Your House for a Hurricane

Preparing your home for a hurricane is the best way to help prevent the need to file an insurance claim after the winds die down and the rains dissipate. But if you wait until the hurricane is already bearing down on your area to prepare your house, you’ve already waited too long.

The best hurricane preparedness list for homes is put into action months in advance. Since the United States Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1st each year, it’s best to begin preparing your home for a hurricane around that time each year.

How to Prepare Your House for a Hurricane Months in Advance

1. Review Your Insurance Coverage

2. Document Your Home Possessions

3. Buy a Generator or Test Yours

4. Secure Storm Shutters

5. Test Drains and Sump Pumps

6. Check for and Repair Roof and Foundation Issues

7. Add Roof Straps

8. Create an Evacuation Plan

9. Create a Hurricane Essentials Inventory

How to Prepare Your House for a Hurricane Weeks or Days in Advance

10. Find Water, Electricity and Gas Shutoffs

11. Prepare Windows, Doors and Garage Door

12. Trim Trees and Shrubs

13. Clean Gutters

14. Move and Anchor Outside Objects

15. Turn Freezer and Refrigerator to Coldest Setting