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When it comes to high value homeowners insurance and commercial residential insurance in the Sunshine State, American Platinum Property and Casualty Insurance Company is here to get you the best policy. From the sunny Gold Coast to centralized Orlando and Tampa, all the way up to Jacksonville and Tallahassee, we have your needs covered.

What Is Covered by Your

Florida High Value Homeowners Insurance


Florida high value home insurance covers more than the actual structure you live in. Your policy can extend protection from your house or condo to the possessions inside and even medical expenses for others after a covered incident.

Dwelling (Coverage A):

This insurance coverage helps protect the physical structure of your home, such as the windows, roof and many other things that help create it.

Other Structures (Coverage B):

This type of insurance can extend coverage to structures on your property that are not attached to your home, such as a shed or fence.

Personal Belongings (Coverage C):

Safeguarding many things inside the four walls of your home, this coverage helps protect your personal belongings — like electronics, clothing and furniture — from damage, destruction and theft.

Loss of Use (Coverage D):

Also known as additional living expense coverage, loss of use works to reimburse you for extra expenses you incur when a covered peril forces you to temporarily move from your home.

Personal Liability (Coverage E):

Liability insurance is there for you if somebody is injured on your property, then sues you for damages and you’re found liable.

Medical Payments (Coverage F):

This type of insurance coverage helps to pay medical expenses if another person gets injured on your property.

What Is Covered by Your Florida Commercial Residential Insurance?

Our Florida commercial residential insurance is geared toward condo and homeowners associations, as well as townhomes and apartments. We offer a variety of coverage forms, optional and additional coverages, multiple deductible options and payment plans that are put in place to make sure you get the perfect policy that fits your needs.

We offer the following coverages in Florida

  • Florida High Value Homeowners Insurance
  • Florida Commercial Residential Insurance